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For Child Actors and Their Parents

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No Excuses! A DIY Guide for Actors Creating Demo Clips

Parent Guide to Perfect Self Tapes

Ongoing Private Acting Coaching

Audition Prep w/ Corey

Scenetist Package

A custom written script for a Demo Clip created to highlight the Actor’s skill and Type. With a coaching session!

Bold Choices Audition Booster Card Deck

A fun tool guaranteed to open an array of Stronger Acting Choices in your scene work!
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Confident Casting Room

The kids that really get how to do this, are the ones on the fast track to success! They have “IT”!

7 Callback Boosters

Free E-Book on winning over the Casting Room!

Slate Shot Ideas

Getting creatively effective with the Actors Access Slate Shot - A Free Guide!

Fast Sides Memorization

Learn Audition Sides in record time. Ditch the old way and pick up a Life Changing Skill!

The Headshot Guide

A FREE Visual Guide on taking professional Actor Headshots

100 Movie List

Inspiring Film Selections for Child Actors

Report Card 6

Audition Prep (50 min) with Staff

Understanding Uta

Methods: Adler

Brenna's "Don't Think!"

Spencer's "Play To Your Strengths"

Master Methods

Lil' Moody Too

Little Moody




Audition Prep (30 min) with Staff

Strong & Bold

Get The Laugh 2

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Founded by Youth Talent Manager Corey Ralston, IAS is a training center for Actors and Parents. Acting coaching,  online group classes and Parent Education Workshops are routinely offered and enjoyed by members of Child Actor 101, a resource community for Parents of Child Actor’s moderated by 25+ Agents, Managers, Coaches & Casting Directors. 


Awesome Supportive Staff of Instructors providing more opportunities for more Child Actors. Each one chosen and vetted by Corey for their educational gifts, talent  and experience. 

Christa Atkins

Meet the nurturing, patient, fun and kind Ms. Christa.

Spencer Carney

Meet the Innovative, Quirky and passionate Mr. Spencer. 

Brenna Daly

Meet the bubbly, warm, enthusiastic and hilarious Ms. Brenna.