Parent Guide to Perfect Self Tapes by Corey Ralston

Parent Guide to Perfect Self Tapes

A Complete Guide to acing Self Tape Auditions for your Child Actor.

All Ten Sections are uploaded and available.

Bonus Material and course updates or edits will be ongoing to ensure the best current and relevant information.

Self Tapes Can Be A Headache

This course is your Xtra- strength pain reliever 

The New Self Tape Bible

Ten Sections to create an easy learning experience. Take your time. Or review one thing at a time. 

Designed Especially For You!

This course was developed with the Parent Struggle at its core.

From numerous self tape workshops with Q&A by Parents trying to do what is best for their little actors.

From my experience watching countless self tapes and providing feedback.

I created a one-stop course that will not only help the beginner learn the essentials,but will enhance the experienced with tips to making their tapes look better and be more effective in getting noticed positively by Casting Directors.

Not to mention make your Agents and Managers love you the most!

You will find easy to navigate sections with straight to the point answers. Slides, Links to Articles, Photo Examples, Video Lessons and first hand testimonials on all things Self Tape!


"The Perfect Self Tape Guide" was a great resource.  So much information all in one place.  Things were so easy to follow - step by step.  It was great to know that I was doing some stuff right, while learning what more I could be doing to help my daughter as we try to gain representation and work within this COVID situation.  Thank you Corey for this course opportunity.  I look forward to taking more classes as well as enrolling my daughter (in kids acting classes).
Lisa Champagne_Richard

The Course Sections

  • Intro to Self Tapes
  • The Equipment Guide
  • The Role of The Reader
  • The Perfect Frame
  • Lighting Explained
  • Performance Coaching Tips
  • Quick Editing Guide
  • How To Send Tapes
  • Slates That Shine
  • Survival Tips
  • Bending The Rules

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Founded by Youth Talent Manager Corey Ralston, IAS is a training center for Actors and Parents. Acting coaching,  online group classes and Parent Education Workshops are routinely offered and enjoyed by members of Child Actor 101, a resource community for Parents of Child Actor’s moderated by 25+ Agents, Managers, Coaches & Casting Directors.